In contrast to the court system, the parties involved can drive the process, setting the agenda, schedule and terms. The skilled mediator, knowledgeable of the law and insightful of the human condition, keeps the parties moving forward and on track. Mediation often requires creative thinking and perspective to understand the obstacles that impede progress, and there's no substitute for experience when it comes to reaching a mutually acceptable agreement. Mediation provides an alternative way to reach resolution outside the courtroom. When successful, the parties can avoid some of the costs and expense of protracted litigation and trial. The process entails identifying a neutral third party who will hear the opposing sides and help find common ground for settlement and resolution.

“Mediation empowers the parties because they can deal with the situation on their terms instead of the court’s terms.”

Civil Mediation

David H. Goldman has been providing mediation services for more than two decades and is experienced in reaching case settlements in a wide range of cases, including civil and domestic suits.

David is an American Academy of ADR Attorneys “Board Certified Mediator” and has received earlier mediation training by nationally recognized Alan Alhadeff and the Iowa District Court Mediation Program. He has also received advanced family law mediation training by the Association of Family and Conciliation, and divorce and custody mediation training by the Mediation Training and Consultation Institute.

David further hones his mediation skills in his active mediation practice and with continual formal training. He has a proven track record of establishing rapport with all sides and reaching settlements. He works diligently and indefatigably with all parties to reach a mutually agreeable resolution.

Attorneys Who Can Help

Todd E. Babich

David H. Goldman

Cory L. McClure

Sierra Meehan Strassberg

“Our job as mediators is to usher in an equitable resolution outside of the courtroom. We don’t push people to settle, we work with both sides to create new ways of looking at a problem in order to find a resolution that everyone can be happy with.”

Family Law Mediation

Todd E. Babich is a well-known, respected family law attorney.  He has been practicing family law in Iowa for 30 years, performing mediations for the last 18 years.

During his tenure of performing mediations, Todd professionally handles the parties' issues with care because he understands how dissolutions affect everyone differently.  Todd works meticulously with the parties to reach a mutually agreed upon resolution.

In considering a mediator for your personal experience, Todd would be a great asset in helping you come to conclusions that will be beneficial to you and avoid the necessity of going to court.

Cory L. McClure has used mediation as a tool for more than twenty years to resolve issues and promote healing in juvenile cases and to offer divorcing couples or separated parents a better way to resolve their differences.

As a neutral yet committed mediator, he works with attorneys and their clients to resolve numerous issues - child custody and visitation, child support, alimony, property and debt issues and shared parenting - while practicing the same values of respect, honesty and cooperation. These values allow the parties to recreate healthier and more positive relationships after divorce, especially if children are involved.

Mediation is one of the best ways for couples to transition their relationship with a collaborative approach that is healthy and family oriented.