Juvenile Law

“When a child or family comes into contact with the child welfare or juvenile justice system, we are committed to limiting the consequences and restoring hope.”

If your child is facing criminal charges in Iowa, there are significant negative consequences that impact on that child's life - not only today - but long into the future. When a family is interrupted by the state's concerns about a child's safety or welfare, the failure to respond appropriately can result in separation of parents and children. We are committed to limiting consequences so that once on solid legal footing, your child or your family can begin the process of recovery and restoration.

With over forty combined year in Juvenile Law - both prosecuting and defending - we offer an effective program combining legal and community services that create better outcomes and a pathway toward a brighter future.

During this confusing and difficult time, our personal community contacts with area professionals - therapists, addiction experts, academic supports, social workers, family mediators, physical and mental health experts - are swiftly connected to our clients and their families for assessment and treatment, if needed. This unique process initiates healing while preserving and maintaining healthy family relationships.

Our Juvenile Law practice embraces a wide range of legal representation in the areas of:

Child Welfare & Safety

  • DHS Removals
  • CINA (Child in Need of Assistance) including Adjudications, Dispositions & Permanency
  • Hearings
  • TPR (Termination of Parental Rights)
  • Appeals of DHS Child Abuse reports
  • Family Team Meetings
  • Interventions for Child Placement

Attorneys Who Can Help

Todd E. Babich

Juvenile Justice

  • Intakes
  • Juvenile Offenses including Waivers and Reverse Waivers
  • Alcohol related offenses including OWI, DUI, Drunk Driving, Public Intoxication
  • Drug charges including Possession and/or Possession with Intent to Deliver
  • School Related Discipline including Code of Conduct actions impacting an athlete's eligibility to participate
  • Sex-related offenses including Sexual Abuse, Sexual Exploitation, Sexting
  • Traffic offenses including related DOT administrative actions